Wellness . Healing . Growing



Balance . Health . Well-Being

I am an experienced Wellness Advocate and can teach you how to incorporate these powerful tools into your everyday life to whatever degree you choose.  Whether you are just starting out and want to learn the basics or are seeking advanced techniques to support specific functions physically or emotionally, I will coach you in developing your own passion and success with Essential Oils. 

  • I offer individual sessions as well as small group sessions.

  • I am available for Essential Oil Parties to teach basic Essential Oil uses and various blending techniques in a fun, hands-on atmosphere in your home or facility.  Part class, part hands-on mixology, everyone will leave with something fun they made themselves as well as samples to experiment with at home!

  • Looking for a larger/broader format?  I offer periodic classes in the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as online.  I can also be booked to host a class at your location/venue -  I’d love to partner with you if you’d like to host a class at your location.


Nutrition . Beauty . Transformation

I have worked for over 10 years in the natural food industry.  I am an expert in clean eating education, special diets/special diet transitions, and converting your beauty and body care to a more natural routine.  I offer:

  • Special diet education: I can show you how to shop for your special dietary needs and convert your favorite recipes to suit your new lifestyle.

  • Pantry purges and pantry makeovers – out with the old, in with the clean!  We can clean out your cupboards then shop your favorite store together. I will teach you what to look for, how to shop and what else is available out there that you may not be aware of.

  • Beauty product education and overhauls as well as easy DIY formulas that are simple, fun and effective.  From the easier transitions like toothpaste and shower routines to the more trepidatious transitions like hair color, makeup and deodorant, we can get you as far down the path as you’re looking to go. 


Renew . Reflect . Recharge

I am a certified Level II Reiki Master and Light Worker.  I incorporate Reiki, visualization, Essential Oils, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, sound therapy/tuning forks, card reading and Archangels into my practice. Whether you’re looking for a little chakra maintenance or a more in-depth, full-body “tune up”, we will develop a program that is suited to your personal needs.


San Jose, California

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